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EHD provides comprehensive legal representation in the sphere of municipal law representing municipal government entities and organizations throughout southeastern Washington. Our clients have included The Port of Pasco, The City of Connell, Burbank Irrigation and Benton PUD. We have also represented local fire departments and other municipal groups.

Many attorneys who handle municipal cases are hired by the municipalities themselves. It’s a benefit of being involved in such politics that they have access to legal representation on a case they can depend on and trust. The attorneys may even work as corporate counsel for the cities, which means that the attorney works for that particular city exclusively.

We have extensive experience in the efficient resolution of a broad range of complex municipal law matters. We are familiar with the local ordinances and regulations as well as the administrative procedures for resolving various types of disputes in each community. We have a strong record of success obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients.

We've Represented a Variety of Municipal Clients

Our municipal law attorneys have successfully resolved numerous disputes in favor of our clients. We have handled a variety of cases before state and local labor boards, regulatory authorities, health and safety organizations, and administrative bodies. Our ability to advocate for our clients’ interests in a variety of venues allows us to provide the comprehensive solutions they require.

Our firm is prepared to provide representation for any legal matter, including:

  • Ordinance Enforcement: Ordinance officers inspect buildings for compliance with building codes. They also analyze the use of real estate to determine whether activities at a particular location comply with local zoning ordinance.
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Land Use and Zoning: We help people who are planning on making changes to their properties. This will include handling zoning laws, building ordinances, construction permits and other land use ordinances.
  • Eminent Domain
  • Easements
  • Certain Employment law Matters (Including Payroll Issues)
  • Landlord-tenant Issues
  • Debt Collection
  • General City Attorney Services

Contact our office to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer. We are available during our regular business hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Some Clients We Represent:

Benton PUD
Port of Pasco
City of Connell
Fire Protection
Port of Kahlotus
Burbank Irrigation
And Many More!

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