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Real Estate

At Ellerd, Hultgrenn & Dahlhauser, LLP, we represent individuals and businesses in a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate law transactions and disputes. Our firm’s extensive experience allows us to be much more proactive in our efforts to obtain a favorable outcome in each case.

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Business Law

The business law section is a type of legal code that protects liberties, maintains order, resolves disputes, and helps to establish standards for businesses in general when it comes to their dealings with government agencies and individuals.

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Municipal Law

Many attorneys who handle municipal cases are hired by the municipalities themselves. It’s a benefit of being involved in such politics that they have access to legal representation on a case they can depend on and trust.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a topic that specifically pertains to lawsuits where monetary damages or specific performances are sought by two or more parties without criminal accusations being included in the matter.

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Probate is a term that refers to the process of administering the estate of a person who has passed away. The decedents will typically name an individual, often a family member or close friend, to serve as the executor.

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Estate Planning

Effective estate planning, executed with care and precision, gives the testator control over the way the assets are distributed. It is critical to plan one’s estate with an experienced, skilled lawyer.

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Criminal Defense

The dedicated criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of Ellerd, Hultgrenn and Dahlhauser, defend southeastern Washington clients against a vast array of offenses. A conviction can result in severe punishment.

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Family Law

When you are getting a divorce or dealing with other family law issues, we're here for you. While every family is different, there are some legal issues that are common for many families and we can help.

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