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Long-time attorneys and residents of southeastern Washington, Ellerd, Hultgrenn and Dahlhauser are knowledgeable, confident and have earned the respect of the courts and fellow attorneys alike. You can rest easy knowing we’ve explored every available option to resolve your legal matter in the most expedient and beneficial manner possible.

When representing our clients in criminal or matters of reinstatement, our primary focus is your rights — your right to due process, privacy and freedom from government overreach and interference. Additionally, we firmly believe in your right to bear arms and how you’d elect to pass down hard-earned property to your children. It is our mission is to make your rights feel tangible, not theoretical and to provide a deep, nuanced understanding of the criminal justice system that allows you to explore, understand, and make the best decision about what is right for you.

Ellerd, Hultgrenn and Dahlhauser are experienced attorneys in the Tri-Cities, Washington ready to represent you in your legal matter. With years of experience in family law, estate, probate, criminal defense and more, our confident team of experts are poised to help you navigate the legal system with ease and confidence to help you achieve success.

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